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South Carolina farmers need our support.

Farmers in South Carolina produce many of the things that we use in our everyday lives. They produce fresh, healthy fruits, vegetables and meat to eat. They also produce material used in the clothes we wear, the vehicles we drive and the homes we live in. Without their hard work and dedication – the world we enjoy would be vastly different.

Farmers feed us, protect the environment and play a critical role in sustaining our economy – in South Carolina and across the world. Farmers contend with Mother Nature, drought, pests and even fluctuation in demand. Those factors can mean the difference between success and complete loss.

Now, farmers must face hastily considered bureaucratic regulations and red tape that would force farmers to stop providing for their animals and crops. In times of bad weather, draught and other farming crisis – South Carolina farmers need our support, not to be attacked.

This red tape will hurt farmers, hurt food prices and hurt our state’s economy.

There is no time to waste. Please join us now and tell your legislators to oppose rushing through new laws and to support South Carolina farmers.


Original Environmentalists

South Carolina farmers have come under attack by special interest groups who claim that farming is bad for the environment. The truth is, farmers are the original environmentalists. Farmers work with the land every day. They rely on it for everything. Farmers must work to protect the land so that it continues to provide a harvest and feed the herd. Additionally, farmers are incorporating new technology and methods to further maximize resources and reduce waste.

An increasing number of farmers and ranchers are working to make their operations more recyclable and self-sustaining. This means doing more to reuse materials on the farm, minimize waste and reduce the need to bring in energy from outside sources.

Many farms today are capturing and reusing the water used in raising animals and growing crops. They’re creating closed-loop systems by using animal manure as fertilizer on crops. On some farms this is a self-contained cycle, while on others it represents an arrangement between crop farmers and animal ranchers.

Some innovative ranches around the country are working on methane digesters that can capture methane gas as manure breaks down. It is then turned into electricity that can power farms or even be sold back to the community power grid.

Efficiently managing resources, harnessing natural processes, and reducing waste have always been part of what successful farmers and ranchers do. Moving forward, they will continue to find ways to reuse and recycle as much as possible and invest it right back into farms.

Despite all of that, those special interest group are claiming that farmers should be regulated by the same bureaucracy as heavy manufacturing and utility companies.  For example, during a drought a farmer might be forced to stop irrigating his crops to have public hearings, file requests and fight in court. All the while – the farmers crops will die

That affects all of us.

Please don’t let that happen. Sign our petition today and tell legislators to stand with farmers.

Existing Laws

Farmers are following the law passed by the SC Legislature in 2010.  This law was enacted after input from many different organizations, including: 

SC Manufacturers Alliance, SC Chamber of Commerce, SC Utilities and Electric Cooperatives, SC Existing Public Water Systems, International Paper, Carolinas Golf Course Superintendents Association, SC Association of REALTORS®, Coastal Conservation League, Conservation Voters of South Carolina, SC Sierra Club, SC Camo Coalition, SC Wildlife Federation, SC Department of Health and Environmental Control, SC Department of Natural Resources, and Riverkeeper organizations.

Now special interest groups are attacking South Carolina farmers over a range of issues and claiming that farmers are hurting the environment. If they have their way, farmers will be tied up in bureaucratic red tape or in court, all the while their crops are dying.

The result? One of the state’s largest economic drivers will be crippled. Food prices could go up and the availability of local food choices will diminish.

Please don’t let that happen. Sign our petition today and tell legislators to stand with farmers. 

Boosting the Economy

Farming is South Carolina’s largest economic sector, generating a $34 billion positive impact for the economy and 200,000 jobs in the state. Farmers feed our families with local foods and are the backbone of our state. In 2013, farming and agriculture boosted the economy in the US by 16.2%. A degree in agriculture is now a prized course of study for gainful employment after college.

But that could change.

If bureaucratic regulations and red tape are fast-tracked through the SC legislature, then farmers in this state could be drastically hurt. Their access to water, ability to use crop-saving pesticides and other critical needs would be stopped by special interests who believe farming is not good for the environment.

Please don’t let that happen. Sign our petition today and tell legislators to stand with farmers.

South Carolina Farmers

We all know that supporting local farmers is critical to having access to locally produced food and for having an abundance of healthy choices in what we decide to eat. We know where our food comes from and we how it was produced. It also reduces the environmental impact of transporting lumber, cotton, and other products that we use every single day. In South Carolina, 92% of our farms are family owned and operated.

These farmers share our values, they understand the things we believe are important and the join us all in protecting the valuable resources we have in this state. Despite what some lobbyists and special interests might say, farmers are on the front line working with the land and protecting the environment like their life depended on it. Because, in the end, a quality and sustainable environment is key to having a successful farm.

We must stand with South Carolina farmers in opposing rushed proposals that would hurt farming in this state.

Please don’t let them distort the truth. Sign our petition today and tell legislators to stand with farmers!